Once you've logged into iRunMaps.com, go to the SEARCH page to perform the following searches:


Narrow down your results even further than before! You can narrow down from thousands of maps by using either the Keyword Search OR Filter Results.


keyword-search 1

Enter in any keyword (marathon, 5k, 4.9 mi, London, castle, beach, trail, island, etc)




On the main SEARCH page, you can filter from our thousands of maps! The more specific you are, the less results you will get. The less fields you enter information into, the broader your results will be.

filter 1

  1. Category (Location) - narrow down the continent, country or state. Keep typing to add more than 1 location
  2. Street View - click on Yes or Areas with/without
  3. Features - select which items you're looking for in your workout (beach, incline, city, trail, etc)
  4. Miles - click on the distance range(s) you want
  5. Incline - select the max incline you want
  6. Click "Search" button



Once you've logged in, go to the MAP SEARCH page to preform the following searches:

Search by Map!

  1. Location - Enter in a country, state, city
  2. Radius - Enter a number to search in km or miles
  3. Click Search

From the results, click on a pinpoint location and it will display the map name. Click on the map name to take you to the entry or click on the star to favorite it and look at it or do it later.

map search 1




1. Go to www.iFit.com and login to your account.

2. Return to www.iRunMaps.com and find the workout you want to add to your iFit machine schedule.

3. Click on the name of the map route OR View Details to take you to the details page.


4. Click on the link towards the bottom that starts with http://www.iFit.com...



5. When the new window pops up, click "Schedule Workout" and it will add to your iFit Schedule. Now go to your machine, click the "Maps" button and you'll see the workout you added.




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