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by map location, distance, keyword, incline, continent - drill down to the exact workout map you want!


all 7 continents WITH street view - hiking trails, national parks, historic ruins, castles, beaches, deserted islands and more!


maps for your iFit equipped bike, treadmill, elliptical and incline trainer - if it uses iFit you can use these maps!


from under a mile to the 112 mile IronMan Bike route - find the exact distance you want - stop wasting time drawing!

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$28 for 365 days of access to over 1,500+ maps!

The ONLY place where you can Search and Download Maps for your Treadmill, Incline Trainer, Elliptical or Bike - as long as it's equipped with iFit technology, you can use these maps*!

Workout using street view to see new and exciting places! If your machine incline/decline adjusts to other iFit maps, they will adjust with these too!

Search and download the EXACT map workout you want by narrowing down any or all of the following factors you choose:

  • Keyword - enter in any keyword (marathon, 5k, London, beach, trail, etc)
  • Location - narrow down the continent, country, state or even the city
  • Map - search from the Google Map, locate a pinpoint, click it and download
  • Distance - from under a mile to whole marathon's
  • Incline - narrow down the max incline you want
  • Street View - or areas with/without - you decide

You'll have access to workout to:

  • Maps on all 7 continents WITH street view!
  • Wide variety of map distances: from under 1 mile to over 112 mile map workouts!
  • Over 700 trails, which include hiking paths, boardwalks and sidewalk routes!
  • Grand Canyon routes and trails down to the bottom and around the bottom!
  • 25 out of 58 National Parks - mostly TRAILS (Sequoia, Arches, Canyonlands, Acadia, Bryce, Zion, Mt Rainier, Redwood, Rocky Mountain, Smoky Mountain, Saguaro, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Olympic, Dry Tortugas, Mesa Verde, Haleakala, etc)!
  • Maps around and through ancient ruins!
  • Deserted and tropical islands!
  • Famous Castles, Famous Streets, Famous Bridges!
  • Machu Picchu, Petra, Pyramids of Giza, Holy Lands!
  • 30+ Marathons (including Boston, NYC, Chicago, SanFran, etc)
  • 75+ Half Marathons
  • 80+ 10k's
  • 210+ 5k's
  • 30 Color Run 5k Maps
  • 35 Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon Maps
  • Kona Ironman Bike and Run routes
  • Maps through interiors of buildings all over the world!
  • Maps ON the Amazon River, River Thames, Vienna Canals and Colorado River!
  • Down ski slopes!
  • Railroad and other off-road trails!

Besides our dynamic search feature, we also have the following:

  • Workout of the Week
  • Location Map Search
  • Location Listing Search
  • Collections of Maps (le Tour de France, Backpack Europe, 7 Wonders of the World, Castles, Grand Canyon, Color Run, Rock N Roll Marathon, and many more!)
  • Ability to email us if you have any map requests! If it has street view, we'll most likely map it for you
  • New maps weekly
  • Informational blogs on how to use your iFit machine and get the most out of it's features

*MUST have a "Coach Membership" at www.ifit.com and have iFit® compatible equipment in order to have the ability to use these maps. We are not affiliated with iFit®, Google Inc., or Google Maps in any way.



I am loving your service and am telling everyone I know about running real courses verus boring runs on a treadmill.  So thrilled with what you do!
Thanks, Veronica

I like the fact that you have short distances for walkers as well as longer distances. The various lengths and locations of your maps makes the membership price well worth the investment.
-- Anonymous


Great website for finding the exact map length, view, incline, etc. that I'm looking for. This helps when I have a limited amount of time to work out.
-- Anonymous

Irunmaps opens up a whole new world for iFit users. It makes it easy to search and schedule runs in very little time. The variety of maps is outstanding, and their customer service is also very receptive to adding new maps. I'm very happy that I signed up for irunmaps!
-- Anonymous

Well done once again on improving your wonderful service, great maps loads of info, and a truly amazing choice of places to go all over the world.
Thank you


Comments from Customers

All of us ifit users owe you a debt of undying gratitude for actually making the google street views around the world finally available, which is the major reason many of us users purchased the ifit system in the first place. Again, many thanks.
Janet P. Parler, M.D.
New Jersey

Love this website! Am so impressed that an ifit user created this fab site! Thank you!!
Dee Woods
Englewood, Colorado

iFit is amazing! It has completely changed my lifestyle. I also love irunmaps.com! Michelle's maps are a huge reason I look forward to running on my treadmill.
Sue B.

irunmaps has played a HUGE part in keeping me motivated each morning. I enjoy visiting different areas of the world, and then posting something about that area on Facebook when I share my run with my friends. I suck at drawing maps, really, so this is well worth the price to have access to trails, mountains, beaches, cities. I highly recommend Irunmaps. Thank you for your awesome customer service!

If you have iFit Live you need irunmaps! Site is awesome! Amazing range of trails, hikes, races and runs you just won't find yourself. Was actually great value too!!
Steve J

irunmaps.com is the perfect accessory to the outdoor enthusiast! The website works flawlessly for me and the variety and quantity of maps is very impressive. My runs just got a thousand times cooler.
Cindy Poore
Phelan, California USA

Love the website and really appreciate all your hard work. The fee is really fair and minimal in my opinion and great value for money, and the site is unlimited to how many maps you use what more can i say well done and its nice that you are asking questions, because you want to improve it even more a dedicated service thank you
Mr Tony johnson from wales in the uk
a biker and an eliptical user

iRunMaps helps to quickly set up a run on my iFit compatible treadmill. The variety of places, landscapes, distances, inclines or not... allow us to travel, to do sport while staying at home when it is raining outside :)
but do not forget that at the end the best is outdoor!

I just discovered your website and love it! I am excited about trying out some of the maps.
Mark L

Site is fabulous
Julie P

Hi, love your maps. Thanks for providing this service. I use them for running on my iFit treadmill all the time.
Dave K

Site is Awesome!!
Regards, Steve
Melbourne, Australia

Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying the site - thankyou for puttint it together!
Stephanie D

Thanks you for this site. The maps are excellent! Thumbs up! Thank you again for this unique and well appreciated site.
Pierre Arbor

Cathee Slade

Just wanted to drop you a note to say "thank you" for your site! I'm so grateful to have all of these maps to choose from in a user-friendly interface!
Laurie Schul

(review of Whistler Blackcomb 10k-2)
Great workout! 54 minutes of spectacular scenery and a few good hills to boot! Merci Michelle!



FREE MAP - try before you buy

Trail of 100 Giants
1.2 miles  |  10.5% max incline
FOR: treadmill, incline, elliptical or bike

100 giants

Link to Workout

Trail of 100 Giants located in Sequoia National Forest

Last winter you created 6 routes in IrunMaps for the Detroit Marathon for me. The routes were in 5 miles segments with the last being 6.2 miles. Due to the harsh winters in Michigan, I used these routes on my NordicTrack treadmill to prepare for the race. With IrunMaps there were no terrain surprises during the race this past Sunday. It was also fun to watch the maps come to “life” during the race. With the help of IrunMaps I was ready for my first Marathon not only physically but also mentally. I am happy to be able to say I completed the Detroit Marathon in 4 hours 18 minutes. I think this is a big accomplishment since I could not even run a mile 18 months ago. Next year I am thinking about running the Chicago and using the IrunMaps again for the winter months training. Thanks for the service you provide with IrunMaps. It was a huge help for me during my first marathon this past Sunday! 
Ken Steele



I have been using your maps for almost 2 years. The maps are a fantastic resource, saving me the time of looking for interesting locations, determining that they have Streetview, and then making the maps by trial and error. The extra motivation I get to exercise from the maps is more than worth the price.
-- Anonymous